Letters to the Editor 07-29-20
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Thanks From Daniel Town

Editor: With the recent wild fire, I had the chance to witness our incredible county Fire Department, Sheriff Department and all other first responders in action. The prompt response and their understanding of how to attack and deal with a fire so close to a community was impressive to watch. As the conditions on the ground changed so quickly, it was a relief to see how fast air support was able to get on scene. There was so much support by the first responders as well as so many neighbors willing to help with evacuations. It was great to find out that no structures, animals, or life was lost. Many thanks to all involved and job well done!

Mayor Chip Turner

Town of Daniel

The Great Plandemic of 2020

Editor: Now, as the dust begins to settle somewhat for a small moment, gaping holes in the narrative put forward by the CDC (a privately owned corporation D-U-N-S # 927645465) and the main stream media, and supported by our government and local health officials are appearing. Disappointingly, anyone who challenges this narrative is immediately and ruthlessly attacked no matter what the data might actually suggest. It will likely be no different in this case! I am certainly not trying to downplay the seriousness of this so-called Covid-19 which doesn’t even appear to be a corona virus at all, as corona viruses are heat sensitive and do not thrive in temperatures greater than 77F but rather a blood coagulation problem (thick blood syndrome – similar to what our Iraq II vets are suffering from) that reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood resulting in a pulmonary crisis. The actual cause is not entirely clear at this point, but one thing is certain, it didn't come from bats in China! "If it is natural, it wouldn't have adversely affected the entire world...." according to Dr. Tasuko Honjo Japan's Nobel prize winning Professor of Medicine. This so called Corona Virus fails Koch’s postulates, and there is no evidence that a Covid 19 virus actually exists, let alone a Covid-19 virus that is causing disease.

The RT PCR test, which is one of the tools used to diagnose Corona, is a powerful technique, but it has problems as it should not be used for diagnosing infectious disease according to none other than Kary Mullis, the inventor of of the test! Why, because the RT PCR test cannot distinguish between live virus and non infective RNA. It can tell you if a virus is present but can’t tell you in what quantities and therefore can’t tell you if, whatever virus is present, is actually making you sick. Using this test to diagnose corona is creating a pandemic out of thin air. Likewise, obviously, receiving a vaccine for a corona virus when your problem is being caused by something else is probably not going to do much good! Furthermore, anyone getting any kind of injection nowadays would have to be something of a fool given Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s recent landmark Supreme Court Case, proving conclusively that vaccines have no quality control and haven't been tested for safety for over 30 years. Additionally, the fact that your lovely congress via the PREP Act has indemnified vaccine makers from damages any vaccine might cause and, with the invention of RF activated viruses, RFID, and nanobot technology which could be included in the vaccine, recipients of a vaccine could be tattooed, and infected for life. You don’t actually trust these indemnified vaccine makers, do you? Do you really think the vaccine that will come out for the Covid-19 virus will be safe or effective? You aren’t really going to get an injection for a virus that hasn’t even been proven to exist, are you?

Obviously we are being mislead regarding this pandemic (live exercise) which at the very least, suggests the CDC is incompetent, the main stream media are liars, and even worse, they are all likely complicit in the creation of this pandemic and we have been fools enough to go along with it! Further, the recommended prevention protocol of social distancing and wearing a mask is untested and although a mask may stop large droplets, expecting a mask to stop a virus is like expecting chicken wire to stop a mosquito. It is nothing but a “psy-op” faux security measure. Wearing a mask can result in lower oxygen levels, which promotes inflammation and inhibits T-Lymphocytes which help protect the body from infection. When I see people driving down the road by themselves wearing gloves and a mask, I have to wonder what level of insanity has gripped them. Why are we trading freedom for the illusion of safety and security? Why are we consenting and aquiescing to this craziness? Have we become lemmings headed for the cliff and a fatal jump into the sea?

So, we have a nasty man made something, diagnosed by an inadequate test, and many deaths being attributed to covid 19 whether that was the actual cause or not, thus creating a pandemic that has destroyed the lives and businesses of many people. Furthermore, decisions as to who gets destroyed and how we get to live being made by health care officials who are not elected by the people and have no fiduciary responsibility to the people and to act under the prudent man standard. Via this pandemic, more and more power and control is being put into the hands of fewer and fewer corporations which is fascism and corporate feudalism. Welcome to the 4th Reich!

We must WAKE UP and STAND UP! Otherwise, be a good little boy or girl, stay home "Shelter in place" like the cattle we are considered to be. Cower in the face of a threat that hasn’t even been identified thanks to the corruption of the privately owned and operated "Centers for Disease Control". Let the nice monsters in suits and ties tell you what brand of toilet paper to buy, and when and how to use it. Let them ear tag and brand you like cattle. Let these nice folks tax you, license you, register you, inject you, program you and more until you are homeless, penniless, sick, or dead. And who knows what the criminals, and they are criminals, that are behind all of this have in store for us next?

Jeff Besendorfer

Wasatch County

Return to School Kids

Editor: I spent my career doing educational research, and I'm not at all bothered by the prospect of kids missing a year of school. To the contrary, it has advantages, but that's for another time. The first problem with Distance Learning that almost 17 million students do not have Internet at home. That's a bad problem, but the worst problem with distance learning is that it relies on computers. This is an old, failed idea that first failed in the 1950s. About 40 years ago, the U.S. Sec. of Education told me to develop a federal policy on the use of computers in schools. After reviewing the evidence on computer based learning, I recommended doing nothing because there was no evidence that computer based education had any positive effects on learning. In his second term, Pres. G. W. Bush had The National Center for Education Research update my analysis. Their research confirmed mine-- computers have no benefits in schooling. In both events, tech industry lobbyists and lots of big money "donations" to Congress got Congress to override sound Presidential policy. The only idea dumber than Distance Learning is re-opening school at this stage of the covid crisis. Advocates of reopening schools cite a study showing that losing three months of school last spring caused a seven month learning loss. That can't happen. Losing three months of school causes a three month learning loss. Any greater loss was caused by something worse than no school-- distance learning. Power Point is the most dangerous tool used in distance learning. It makes people stupid. Using Power Point lowers IQs.

Dolly Parton knows more about helping kids learn than does Bill Gates – "Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library book giveaway program obtained “impressive” results for early childhood literacy in a May 2020 analysis" (Hechinger Report). Traditional schooling must end for awhile. Do not replace it with computers. Listen to Dolly. Replace dangerous health threatening school buildings with reading at home or in small groups. Send the text books home. Put teachers on the phone to monitor reading and explain to parents how to monitor reading. Get the kids totally off the Internet except one hour a day, after school, to socialize. Consider opening Day Cares for small groups of students where the day care staff serves as teacher aids. That helps learning, socialization, and the economy while avoiding the risks of large dangerous crowds at school.

Keith Baker

Heber City
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