Vandals Hit Area Businesses
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by Laurie B Wynn

Wave CoPublisher

Law enforcement officials says numerous community spaces, businesses, schools and residents have been hit with graffiti and vandalism in the past few weeks.

Officers say places that have ad reported vandalism include: Wasatch County Parks and Recreation, Heber Valley Railroad, LLC Kuperferschmidt Electrical and Security Systems, Memorial Park, Ace Rents, Sun State Equipment, Wasatch County School District, Howe Rental and Sales, Canyon Electric Corporation, Emco Masonry, Certified Fire Protection, Betos, 7-11, and 760 So. Main Street.

As of this past weekend, law enforcement says close to $22,000 in damage has been reported.

“Does Graffiti affect a community? In my opinion yes!,” said Heber City Police Detective Tammy Thacker. “I think that if left, it gives the appearance that no one cares. We live in such a beautiful community, and seeing the graffiti showing up all over alarms us as police officers. We have seen that where graffiti is, the potential of crime increases. As officers and residents of Heber City, this is something we are not OK with.”

What can you as residence and business owners do?

1. Report: Contact the police immediately after finding graffiti vandalism. By reporting you are given a case number for your insurance company and records. This case number helps to ensure that the graffiti is documented and photographed for your information and insurance companies. You also could be given resources for cleanup.

2. Identify: After it is reported, officers will identify if the graffiti is being done by taggers or gangs. This is important to help identify which direction to go and potential problems.

3. Remove Graffiti: Remove the graffiti promptly and completely. By removing it immediately it deters from having it done again.

“Heber City Police have been working diligently to find, identify and encourage the removal of the graffiti. Please help us! If you see something say something,” said Detective Thacker.

If you see suspicious activity, please contact 9-1-1.
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