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Cars and Kids Don’t Mix

The Issue:

Cars and pedestrians can be a recipe for disaster

We Suggest:

Set the standard of safe driving on our streets

The sound of the school bells went silent last week as children across the valley anxiously began their carefree days of summer.

We have been very lucky, for the most part, with no major tragedies involving pedestrians or bike riders on our town’s Main Streets.

With increased traffic on Main Street by both commuter and big trucks, the potential for a tragedy involving vehicles and walkers/bike riders is increasing.

Our society has become ever-more dependent on motorized transportation during the summer months. Couple that with a ground swell toward a more healthy-living approach to travel in the form of biking and walking, the result can be a recipe for disaster.

Given the amount of local and tourism traffic that barrels down Heber and Midway’s Main Streets, which also happen to be state highways, there is an ever-increasing danger to pedestrians.

It is paramount that we help keep pedestrians safe.

Local drivers need to set the standard of safe driving and be diligent in helping keep the speed down on our Main Streets. Drivers also need to be cognizant of pedestrians trying to cross the street. Always err to the side of caution and stop your vehicle when someone is in a crosswalk.

If you see the red lights flashing on the Hawk pedestrian crossings at 250 South Main and

It’s not just smart, it’s the law.

Let’s not wait until a child is seriously injured or killed by a driver too much in a hurry to stop for them to cross.

Remember - little bit of preventative driving just might save a life.
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