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Sage Advice to the Newly Elected

Each year voters participate in the democratic process of electing our government officials.

While most of our County’s elected positions did not change, we do have a few new council members.

In the past, the Wave has devoted one of the first editorials of the new year to offering the newly sworn in officials some sage advice when it comes to dealing with the public you now serve.

First, and foremost, remember that it was the citizens of this county that put you into your position. You work for each and every resident in Wasatch County.

Now, we understand that you will not be able to continuously please all of us. You must, however, make time for us, listen to our problems, and generally make us feel like no one else in this community matters more.

Having said that, we admonish each of you, whether newly elected, or serving multiple terms, that your decisions are not going to be popular with us all of the time.

In the news business, a good rule of thumb is to only have one half the town mad at you at any given time. That way, you have the other half ready to rally to your aid if need be. Think about it.

Lastly, remember that the public’s business MUST be conducted in the open.

The days of secret meetings, unqualified closed-door sessions, or private messages sent through social media or via text are at an end.

We, your constituents, want to know what decisions are being made on our behalf. And that can only be done adhering to the appropriate Open Meetings Laws. If you are new to the public realm or just need a refresher course on open meeting laws, The Wave would be more than happy to provide you with information that explains exactly what is and is not legal.

This newspaper will not always agree with what you do, but will support you in promoting the best interests of the citizens of this community. We ask that you keep an open dialogue with us to better inform the community we serve.

We wish you well in your new position as a public servant and look forward to working with each of you during 2019 and beyond.
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