Wave Editorial 09/13/17
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Editor’s Note: This editorial was written the day of the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. We rerun it now in honor of those lost. May we never forget.

We as a nation are still reeling in grief and indignation at yesterday’s terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and our nation’s Pentagon. The loss of life is still uncalculated. Our prayers go to the families of those who have lost loved ones or were injured. Even with the passing of time, we may never know the true loss that we have suffered as a society and a nation.

But let us remember, as a nation we have survived other catastrophic tragedies. We will bury our dead and tend to the injured. Then we will rise as a united force and bring those responsible to justice.

Not since the attack on Pearl Harbor have the people of this nation been so solidified in a common feeling of animosity toward the cowardly acts of others.

We rose above Pearl Harbor and we will rise above this act of terrorism. We will extract vengeance and ultimately justice on those responsible.

We who live in the west like to think we are insulated from terrorist violence, but with the 2002 Winter Olympics a few months away, we must be even more vigilante to such possibilities. Terrorists would like nothing better than to have another high-profile incident to bring attention to some misguided group of radical zealots.

By no means to we advocate any reduction or elimination of the Winter Olympics. In fact, the opposite is the case. As a society we must stand up to the cowards who push political agendas by killing the innocent. We must go forward by hosting this world event as a sign of defiance. We will not run and hide in the face of these terroristic acts.

In the aftermath of all that has happened, it may yet be one of this nation’s finest hours. We did it after Pearl Harbor, and we can do it now.

God Bless.
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