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Those Were the Days

The Issue:

School children will be educated in unprecedented ways this fall

We Suggest:

Thank the WCSD for taking a varied approach to teaching our youth

The days of the school bell calling all children to their classrooms in August is committed to history.

The past few months have been difficult for each of us, to say the least when it comes to having lives disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remembering the abrupt end of the last school year, we are reminded those difficulties have been more acutely felt by our youth.

Children were barred from their classrooms, and stripped of one constant in their lives, their teachers. Many children also lost the one meal they may have received regularly.

For the past few months, the Wasatch County School Board, school administrations and teachers have been hashing out how to teach the children in today’s COVID society.

A survey was sent out to parents so those in the position of outlining a game plan for education could better understand what parent’s wishes and concerns were when it comes to their kiddos.

Surveying parent’s wishes, listening to the front-line teachers, and staying within prescribed health guidelines were all taken into consideration when the administration set forth their new three option plan for teaching Wasatch’s kids this fall.

We commend the Wasatch County School Board in crafting the best plan they could, considering the circumstances.

If readers haven’t taken a close look at the three learning options for kids in Wasatch County, we admonish you to do so quickly.

You know the best option to choose, as YOU know your children best.

See the full plan at:

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