Letters to the Editor 3/15/17
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Thanks to Chelsea

Editor: Feminism is a loaded word these days- to some a badge of honor and others a personal attack. The Silverzweig family brand of feminism is passionate and inclusive- women can do anything and should not be limited by society or government. That can mean earning a wage, raising children, or both at once so long the woman makes that decision for herself. My wife Chelsea has chosen to stay at home with the kids. Being a passionate feminist and a stay-at-home mom can be lonely. Stay-at-home moms are often overlooked and under-appreciated- not just by society at large but by leaders of the feminist movement as well.

Wednesday, March 8 is a ‘Day Without Women'. All over the country, women are showing how crucial they are to America by not participating both at work and at home. Right here in the Wasatch Valley, women work at the highest levels of society and industry- judges, doctors, mayors, teachers, nurses, police officers, and more. They also work hard at home, like Chelsea, where the hours are longer and the pay much worse. If every hard-working woman either in an office or at home took a day off on Wednesday, the whole valley would grind to screeching halt.

I don't yet know if Chelsea will participate in the Day Without Women, or if she'll decide her personal obligations outweigh her political beliefs, but either way this is true:

I couldn't do anything without her. I couldn't run my business. I couldn't raise our two beautiful children to be so kind and wise and sweet and clever. I couldn't keep the house such a warm and inviting place to live. I'm deeply grateful and under no illusions as to how essential she is.

So thank you, Chelsea. So very much.

Joseph Silverzweig, President

Wasatch County Young Democrats

Red Nation; Blue Nation

Editor: Last week you published a particularly thoughtful letter from John White wherein he discussed the divisions within our nation and what President Trump might do to narrow them. He concluded that, although The President is unlikely to take such steps, the silver lining is an awakening of political involvement within the electorate.

I fear that the problem of severe division within our nation cannot be solved through the actions of a wise leader, although it would be welcome and possibly helpful. The division is driven by the simple fact that we are generally two different nations, commonly referred to as the Red nation and the Blue nation.

Generally, Reds only speak with fellow Reds. They listen to the news from only Red outlets and that news is different than what is seen at Blue outlets. They only watch shows that promote Red views and put down Blue views. They have no idea why Blues believe what they do, but they are willing to assume the reasons are all bad, perhaps evil. Blues, meanwhile, are doing exactly the same thing. Each nation see its members as smart and reasonable and people of the other nation as stupid and unreasonable.

The reason I believe that a wise leader will be of little help is that compromise has become a dirty word. It is often said that more unites us than divides us, but I think that has been forgotten. The moment the wise leader begins to consider the views of the nation (Red or Blue) that did not elect him/her, his/her followers will withdraw their support. The problem is the ever-widening gap in the belief systems of the two nations.

Well, I think we need to reunite. I want to know what the other side believes and why. I'm retired and willing to talk with anyone in a calm or spirited manner. If my news sources are lying to me, I want to know it. I'm pretty independent, but I lean Blue. Any Reds out there, drop me an email. I encourage others to begin similar dialogues.

Randall J Williford

Heber City
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