Letters to the Editor 12/06/17
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Homework Can Be Detrimental to Students

Editor: My name is T. P. [name withheld] and I attend Rocky Mountain Middle School. As a student I do not favor homework, in fact it is my least favorite thing in the world!

I did some research and I found that homework does not help student do better academically, like sage test scores. Finland has one of the best education systems in the world, and in Finland their education system does not assign homework. Also, homework has sadly been proven to cause teenagers to commit suicide every year from the stress of it.

I also know many teachers and even a principal that do not like to assign homework, because they know that homework does not help anything and can sometimes lead to bad things.

Finally, homework can weaken a relationship with a kid and their parents. Every kid’s parent wants them to be successful, so they are always nagging their kids about homework and believe me, that can become very annoying therefore making the student mad at their parents and weakening their relationship. And of course homework cuts off a kid from the rest of the family. Many kids will shut themselves in their room for hours at a time doing homework, making it so they spend less and less time with their family.

Last but not least it also keeps kids outdoors less making them less active, lazier, more over weight, and less athletic. That is why I believe schools should not assign homework, If you do not believe me please go ahead and research it yourself, also think about publishing the reasons I don’t like home work in the next newspaper.

T.P., Age 11

Heber City

Editor’s Note:

The Wave has a policy of only running the initials of any minor-aged child who wishes to run a letter to the editor to protect his/her privacy.

We Need More Beautiful Lights

Editor: The sparkling lights on the trees on Heber City's Main Street are spectacular. Just keep the snowflakes away. They do not sparkle and are a dull distraction.

Last Monday night we went to Draper's 'Tree Of Life' lighting ceremony for the first time. They have over 1.5 million lights in their park put up by volunteers using 3,000 hours of effort starting in October; the 'Tree Of Life' has 200,000 lights. It was all impressive. They also had free hot chocolate, cookies and marshmallows to roast. Santa and Mrs. Claus came and gave out candy canes. A wonderful quartet sang Christmas songs in a heated pavilion. It was a lovely night.

Wednesday night I went to the tree lighting ceremony in Heber City's Main Street Park. The lights on the tree are pretty. I think we need more volunteers and donations so we can also be impressive. There are over 50 trees we could light up.

Leavenworth, Washington was a dying mining town until they started a tree lighting ceremony the first Friday in December in their little park. It was so fabulous that the next year they needed to do it on both Friday and Saturday nights. Eventually they needed to do it the second weekend in December, finally the third weekend. The last time I was there I counted 32 Greyhound buses. All restaurants were full. All of the stores were full, they have 2 full blocks of souvenir shops. I realize we already have a lot of tourists who spend their money here. Can we use some more?

Patricia Thompson

Heber City
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