Letters to the Editor 06/14/17
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Two Injustices

Editor: Two incidents separate in nature but the same; thank you Jillyn Lythgoe Klein for writing your letter about the Clotworthy Historical house which was torn down to 'park 20 trucks and/or cars at Karl Malone's dealership ." 'In the name of money and who you know' has caused that old house with all its history to be destroyed! When you take away a person's history.. what do you have? Not much!

And then there is the incident of Cordell Johnson; a young 16 yr.old kid left in a ditch after a hit and run accident. The legal defense team for the driver i.e. Case Wade and Scott Sweat are in agreement to go forward with a plea deal and request a Class A Misdemeanor. Once again "In the name of money and who you know" wins! Choosing the right thing to do is trumped by "Help me get through this situation and I will help you get 're-elected, get your kid a job, pad your pockets."

We elected the people who "let" these things 'slide by'.....we can vote them out...also.

It is really up to you citizens of Heber.

Barbara Pokrin

Wasatch County

What a Sad Day For Heber City

Editor: A beautiful sand stone historic home is no more! Standing on our main street since 1874. It was a monument to our pioneer forefathers. The sandstone was hauled by teams of horses pulling wagons from the quarry several miles east of Heber. The bricks were shaped using hammers and chisels. The lattice wood trim carved by hand.

We welcomed Karl Malone to our town and supported his business. Thought he was a great guy doing a lot of good things.

We were delighted when he restored the beautiful old home.

It had never looked better! Why would you restore it only to destroy it?

So it was a real shock as we watched its destruction. For what purpose? To make room for three or four more cars?

What a slap in the face to the residents of Heber Valley. Why would such a rich man be so greedy? Would you like to own a home on 1st East? The whole neighborhood is destroyed. The new view out the front window will be a car lot. And your property will plunge in value. Thanks Karl?

When will I buy a car from Karl Malone? Never!

Lavon Provost

Heber City

Clotworthy Home

Editor: I am a fifth generation decedent of Pioneer Settlers of Heber Valley. Sadly, our Valley recently traded an historic pioneer built sandstone house for a patch of gravel where seven average run-of-the-mill automobiles now sit.

It probably did not cause to much of a stir when seven other houses on the block were torn down to make way for dealership operations, even though some of those also did border on being semi-historic although form another area, however the killing of the 140 year old Clotworthy house is despicable.

Speaking a language car guys can understand, it is akin to taking a Model T to a demolition derby just because you can. I am sure that the previous owner thought that the house was in good hands when it was sold to Carl Malone because he had the means to preserve it above that of what an average citizen could afford, Haha what a joke.

Shame on you Carl Malone and your general manager along with anyone else involved in the desecration of this edifice. I guess we will see you at Fair Days and the Jr. Live Stock sale with your cowboy hat and your check book acting like you are part of the community.

Joseph Tyler Witt III

Heber City

Needs Help With Charleston July 24th Party

Editor: I am co-chair of the Charleston Town Pioneer Day Celebration this year. We had our main event planned, bounce houses(they were being donated) and needless to say, in light of recent events we have to switch our "main attraction".

We are now focusing on providing a kids' carnival, but unfortunately, game rentals and prizes cost money. We have a very limited budget to work with. We are now turning to sponsors.

If you would like to sponsor a carnival game, please let me know! $100/game, your business name will be on the game booth. This will cover the cost of game rental and prizes won by the kids. We are also in need of a sponsor(s) of a sound system.

A set amount has not been determined, but again, your business name would be advertised near or on the entertainment/stage area. Please message me if you are willing to help revitalize this fun tradition in Charleston Town!

Colleen Cummings


Response to the Demolition of Clotworthy/McMillan Home

Editor: Almost 30 years ago, Alan McDonald’s mother Mary Jane McDonald, was desperately trying to find the documents which would place the McMillan home on the Historical Registry. Her urgency was because the current owners of her grandfather’s home, were stripping the architectural millwork from the inside, removing the mantles and moldings. Unfortunately by then all that was left of the building was a mere shell, when compared to its former beauty.

I recently happened to meet the manager of Karl Malone for the first time. During the course of our conversation, he mentioned that he was in a dilemma and didn’t know what to do with the old McMillan house, because he wanted to expand his business and the inspectors had deemed the structure unsafe.

I told him that I thought that he couldn’t tear down homes that were on the Historical Registry. He then said that the law states that a property owner may do whatever he wished to do with his property. I told him that the people of our community would be upset if he did, but that it was his right to do so in the end. The manager did what he felt was best with his personal property and we should respect his decision, whether or not we agree with it.

Since it was Alan’s great grandfather’s home, I asked the manager if he would consider allowing me to purchase a door from the house, were he to decide to tear it down. It was sad to think of everything going to the salvage yard. He said he hadn’t yet decided what he was going to do with the house. Later I received a call from him to come and get the door. I had the money to preserve and save that door, but I am sorry to say that I didn’t have the money to preserve and save the house.

My husband is the Mayor of Heber City, but he doesn’t write the laws or codes and has no vote. Those powers lie with the City Council members. The Mayor needs to uphold those laws and codes whether they are popular or not. I think we as Americans would all agree that personal property rights are important to uphold. Alan and I were deeply saddened to see his great grandfather’s home destroyed and had hoped for a different outcome. After the walls were torn down, we were informed that they were filled with Black Mold, which indeed would have been a hazard to our community.

Carolyn McDonald

Heber City
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