Letters to the Editor 06-12-19
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Attention Heber Valley Residents

Editor: Did you know our mayor and city council are proposing to sale the 12 acres which has been for many years dedicated for future cemetery expansion to the East of the current cemetery? This proposal is on the agenda for 18 June 2019 at 6pm in the old tabernacle building. At the city council meeting 4 June, 2019, Ronald R. Crittenden council member announced to all present, the reason for the proposal is because a member of the cemetery staff said those 12 acres has too many rocks, which makes it unworthy to be future cemetery. Mr. Crittenden also told us the city purchased 13 acres west of 550 East across from the current cemetery two years ago. I took pictures of holes dug in the cemetery on 24 March 2017 and sent them to the mayor and city council at the time. The hole was 6 feet deep 4 feet wide and 7 feet long. I could not see a pebble let alone rocks of any size.

Alan McDonald then mayor sent this email to me on 2 June, 2017 at 6:17 pm. “Dave: I am not in favor of selling any of the Cemetery Property and I have made it clear to the other city council members that the city does not need to sale the property. The only area that I might be in favor of would be on the North side of cemetery along the bottom of Valley Hills because the by-pass road will separate the property from the rest of the cemetery.”

Did any of the current or past members of the city council ever look to verify rocks in the property?

Did they dig holes to inspect the new 13 acres they bought two years ago?

What it the reason they want to sale the current future cemetery property which they now call surplus?

I am sorry but this doesn’t seem practical!

If they would have told us they bought the 13 acres for a million dollars and can sell the current cemetery property of 12 acres for 3 million, it may be more believable.

I read in the 5 June 2019 Wave, an article written by Xela Thomas (Wave Staff) “There are 107 active and planned housing projects in Wasatch county totalling 3000 new units to be built by 2025.”

I recommend the city either sell the 13 acres they bought two years ago or leave it as open space and keep the future cemetery space for the future!

We don’t need more housing East of the current cemetery!

Dave Davies

Heber City

Banners Made Me Proud of my Community

Editor: It was with amazement and joy that I saw the pride month banners on Heber Main St. Those banners made me proud of my community just as the super large American flag displayed for Patriots day and Independence day do. I love being a part of our community and am truly grateful to live here with such good people and surrounded by such beauty. Thank you Heber City, Mayor Potter, and Allison Phillips Belnap!

Ian Harvey

Heber City

Tithing Coercion?

Editor: Recently, an LDS Church representative came to my neighbor to help her balance her budget so she could afford to pay her tithing. My neighbor receives Social Security Disability Benefits, which is ‘Unearned Income’ and, by Law, cannot be taxed by the United States Government (IRS). As such, LDS Church Tithing should not apply to Social Security Disability Benefits for this same reason. Tithing is supposed to help Church members in my neighbor’s situation, not put them at further disadvantage.

My neighbor feels obligated by her conscience (‘Guilt Trip’) to pay her tithing from her Social Security Disability Benefits. This is wrong! Any LDS Church representative who compels, or attempts to compel, a person to pay tithing from their Social Security Disability Benefits has no moral . conscience and is guilty of Intimidation, Coercion, and Harassment, and possibly Extortion, if money is received using these methods. These kinds of ‘Tactics’ are precisely what compelled me to request my excommunication from the LDS Church where I was an ordained Priest.

At a time in our history when membership in religious groups and organizations are declining, it is important for these groups and organizations to practice what they preach! Our Government can also learn a lesson in this respect.

It is not my intent to criticize any religious group or organization for their beliefs, but to watch over the behavior of their members and keep them inline with their religious beliefs.

It is my hope that a high-ranking member of the LDS Church Bishopric will respond to this letter and my request to advise its members responsible for collecting and soliciting Church Tithings of their moral and legal · responsibilities in these endeavors.

William F. Webb

Heber City
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