Letters to the Editor 01-09-19
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Christmas Spirit Alive in Wasatch County

Editor: I watched an interaction unfold at the UPS Store in Heber City on Thursday, December 20, 2018. An older woman had ordered a gift for relatives out-of-state, but it had mistakenly come to her address. It had been delivered by the US Postal Service, but she was at the UPS Store looking for help.

Two clerks and Julie Giles, the store owner, were helping her and suggesting she go to the post office to get it redirected. It was just before 5:00 when the post office closes, and there would surely be a long line if she made it there in time. Several times the customer, almost in tears, expressed frustration that she would have to pay for the shipping a second time and sadness that her gift would not arrive by Christmas even though she had ordered it a week earlier.

Julie kindly expressed her sympathy and gave her clear directions of how to get help. The customer walked to the door obviously distraught with the situation. Just as she reached the door, Julie called out, “Ma’am, come back! I am going to help you. We will take care of you!” Then she kindly helped her prepare her package and told her she would ship it second-day so that it would get there in time for Christmas!

It was just like a Hallmark commercial! The other customers in the store were looking around with huge smiles on their faces, and I had tears in my eyes. Having shipped a second-day package the day before, I knew it was very expensive; even so, Julie stepped forward and helped. It was such a touching example of the Christmas spirit!

Carolyn Adair

Wasatch County

Thank You to Kind Stranger

Editor: On Wednesday, December 26, 2018, my son and I went to Lee’s Marketplace for milk. We had gotten the milk and went to check out at the customer service desk because the electric cart doesn’t fit well to go through the regular check stands.

When the checker told us how much I owed, a gentleman campe up behind me and put a bill on the counter and said, “I’m paying this lady’s bill.”

As I thanked him, he said “Merry Christmas” and was gone. I couldn’t turn far enough to get a look at the gentleman and I don’t know who he was, but I would like to publicly express my appreciation to whomever it was.

Thank you very much.

Pauline Peterson

Heber City

Has Lost Mine Been Found?

Editor: A verbal map verified by experts as to its context, guide us to the mines, a “Charted Course”. Deciphering the cryptic referenced waypoint completes coordinates and leads us to the mouth of the main treasure mine, as penned by the Author Jose Juaquin Garcia. Proving he indeed “Charted a Course” for miners. When In the mine, at a hundred thirty two feet from the portal, we will dismantle a stacked log door and dig up sixty five thousand pounds of bar gold and more silver, now worth $936,000.000, buried 20 feet from the impasse. Yet only a bead, contrasted to the super high grade ore found in tunnels at the four hundred fifty foot level: “Is of the yellow metal which is half of silver and one fifth part of gold.” Spanish Archives cataloged scores of mines for two hundred and fifty years, in the fifteen square mile area that is tunnels with miles of precious metals, but abandoned in 1813 because of hostiles, there lay adrift. When reopened, will Hoyt’s Peak Josephine’s, be a live legend, the most valuable gold mines?

On the trail, we studied the English translation from a BYU Historian, Professor Russell R. Rich, who discovered the document in Mexico’s Archives, and then Gayle Rhoades version, alleging the Josephine was on his claims at Hoyt’s, and it evokes supernumerary possibilities. Rhoades copy, by way of John Young, Rich’s friend was a cattleman in the area where he discovered the Spanish cave. The document does not describe the cave as the mine although Young found Spanish tools and two sealed shafts. Outside, a dump and mining tools suggest a foundry and support a mining operation. A series of mines would authenticate gold fields on the north eastern slope of Hoyt’s peak and Hoyt’s topography bare six tunnel entrances with definite trails, leading to the Josephine, and the unmistakable oval imprint of an Arrastra (mill).

Hoyt’s geological fingerprint has the same history of economic mineralization as the famous pioneer mines mentioned by Lincoln when he declared, “Utah is the treasure house of the nation.” If the quality and extent of Josephine’s ore bodies are proven, as reported, it would surpass the Park City, Alpine, Cottonwood, tintic and Minersville mines combined yield. Where there is a foundry is there gold? Let’s look south from the Josephine at “the midday sun”, as it appears to hover over the distant cave. There, are described four rooms, each with an ash pit, one to separate silver from the ore, then the second, the same ore to gold, the third to form silver bars and the fourth for gold, completing the cupellation process? Found, an upper room, and vent, still smelling of smoke, has chiseled rock beds in the walls which allowed the mining parties to reside, process, and divide the labor of their slaves. There are reports of building a fire at the lower cave, generating smoke billowing out of the top vent shaft. Remnants of The Spanish dump, still visible of attempts by Young to hide it. The Forest Service covered the cave before my claim tenure, but when I appealed their action they agreed I could reopen it for ventilation and mining. They have no jurisdiction in the cave or any tunnels. Mining activities could begin immediately under current mining laws. - Copyright, 2018 josephinegoldmine.com.

Gary Holt

Wasatch County
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