All Star Wrestlers
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Utah All-Star Champions (l to r) Stockton O’Brien, DJ Cohen, and Zack Kohler (not pictured is Sammy Heywood).
Utah All-Star Champions (l to r) Stockton O’Brien, DJ Cohen, and Zack Kohler (not pictured is Sammy Heywood).
Utah All-Star Champions (l to r) Stockton O’Brien, DJ Cohen, and Zack Kohler (not pictured is Sammy Heywood).
Utah All-Star Champions (l to r) Stockton O’Brien, DJ Cohen, and Zack Kohler (not pictured is Sammy Heywood).
Utah All-Star Champions (l to r) Stockton O’Brien, DJ Cohen, and Zack Kohler (not pictured is Sammy Heywood).
Utah All-Star Champions (l to r) Stockton O’Brien, DJ Cohen, and Zack Kohler (not pictured is Sammy Heywood).
By Martin Lee Van Roosendaal II

Wave Associate Editor

Wasatch Wrestling started off last week with the All-Star Dual at Utah Valley University. Wrestlers from Wasatch, Zack Kohler, Sammy Heywood, Stockton O’Brien, and DJ Cohen represented the Wasps in the prestigious wrestling match with each wining their match.

“The All-Star Dual is fun,” said DJ Cohen. “I like it because you get to be with a lot of different guys from different teams. It is a fun match to wrestle in because it is a pretty big deal.”

The dual features the best wrestlers in the state and, for spectators, it is a chance to have a pre-state championship match.

“It’s good for the guys to wrestle in the All-Star match,” said Wasatch’s Wrestling Coach Wade Discher. “Our guys who wrestled in the dual are tough and have come a long way in their wrestling careers. They did a good job representing themselves, our team, and our school.”

After the All-Star Dual the Wasps had a full week of wrestling beginning with a win over North Summit.

“North Summit is a tought team and always has great wrestlers,” said Discher. “We battled it out pretty good and came away from the match with a lot of things to work on. North Summit is definitely one of the best 2A schools.”

Wasatch also faced Timpanogos and beat the Timberwolves 61 to 7. To finish out the week the Wasps competed in the High Country Classic, which featured 8 teams from Utah. Wasatch won the tournament with 291.5 points. Payson High School took 2nd with 276.0 points.


Team Score: Wasatch 43, North Summit 32

220 Wylder Smith (Wasatch) over Dylan Kruger (North Summit) (MD 12-1). 285 Eduardo Rodriguez (North Summit) over Robert Schick (Wasatch) (Fall 2:22). 106 Jackson Prescott (North Summit) over Preston Blotter (Wasatch) (Fall 3:31). 113 Deklan Kelly (Wasatch) over Gavin McCowen (North Summit) (Fall 5:06). 120 Mitchel Slack (Wasatch) over Kaden Jacobson (North Summit) (Fall 2:43). 126 Sammy Heywood (Wasatch) over Ryker Pentz (North Summit) (MD 15-6). 132 Stockton O`Brien (Wasatch) over Tayte Staples (North Summit) (TF 15-0 4:32). 138 Zak Kohler (Wasatch) over Eli Richins (North Summit) (Fall 1:41). 145 Keyan Staples (North Summit) over Marshall Job (Wasatch) (Fall 4:55). 152 Tyler Scheurn (North Summit) over Brock Lloyd (Wasatch) (Dec 9-4). 160 Taten Ringel (North Summit) over Porter Chamberlain (Wasatch) (TF 18-1 4:00). 170 Seth Gardner (Wasatch) over Brett Rees (North Summit) (Fall 0:02). 182 Jace Anderson (North Summit) over Logan Kennard (Wasatch) (Fall 2:02). 195 DJ Cohen (Wasatch) over Matagi Faavale (North Summit) (Fall 1:06).

Team Score: Wasatch 61, Timpanogos 7

285 Robert Schick (Wasatch) over Kaden Bretzing (Timpanogos) (Fall 4:24). 106 Preston Blotter (Wasatch) over Grant Knudsen (Timpanogos) (TF 18-3 3:41). 113 Deklan Kelly (Wasatch) over Unknown (For.). 120 Alex Vernon (Wasatch) over Adam Colson (Timpanogos) (Fall 4:34). 126 Jordan Otterson (Timpanogos) over Treyson Davis (Wasatch) (Dec 4-2). 132 Stockton O`Brien (Wasatch) over Jamison Heward (Timpanogos) (Fall 2:33). 138 Nick Lazerus (Wasatch) over Thomas Wilson (Timpanogos) (Fall 1:21). 145 Zak Kohler (Wasatch) over Dustin Holland Knudsen (Timpanogos) (MD 19-8). 152 Brock Lloyd (Wasatch) over Unknown (For.). 160 Porter Chamberlain (Wasatch) over Elijah Kratzer (Timpanogos) (Dec 7-6). 170 Seth Gardner (Wasatch) over Alex Eidem (Timpanogos) (MD 20-7). 182 Logan Kennard (Wasatch) over Breyden Jorgensen (Timpanogos) (Dec 7-4). 195 Nicholas Ware (Timpanogos) over Weston Epperson (Wasatch) (MD 16-5). 220 Wylder Smith (Wasatch) over Greyson Sondrup (Timpanogos) (Fall 2:39).

High Country Classic Tournament

Team Scores: 1st Wasatch 291.5, 2nd Payson 276.0, 3rd Layton 161.0, 4th Westlake 154.5, 5th South Summit 137.0, 6th Pleasant Grove 72.0, 7th Lyman 66.5, 8th Lehi 32.5.

106 Champ. Round 1 - Preston Blotter (Wasatch) over Nick Cook (Lyman) (Fall 1:12). Quarterfinals - Preston Blotter (Wasatch) over Nathan Taylor (Westlake) (Fall 3:19). Semifinals - Preston Blotter (Wasatch) over Aiden Harris (Layton) (Fall 0:54) 106 1st Place Match - Cole Jensen (Payson) over Preston Blotter (Wasatch) (Dec 8-3).

113 Champ. Round 1 - Deklan Kelly (Wasatch) over Caden Larsen (South Summit) (Fall 1:27). Quarterfinals - Deklan Kelly (Wasatch) over Bryant Davis (Westlake) (Fall 1:10). Semifinals - Deklan Kelly (Wasatch) over Quade Valerio (Payson) (Dec 4-2). 1st Place Match - Jacob Finlinson (Westlake) over Deklan Kelly (Wasatch) (Dec 4-2)

120 Champ. Round 1 - Mitchel Slack (Wasatch) received a bye. Quarterfinals - Mitchel Slack (Wasatch) over Joey Dansie (Westlake) (Fall 1:12). Semifinals - Mitchel Slack (Wasatch) over Trevor Clyde (Wasatch) (Dec 8-4). 1st Place Match - Mitchel Slack (Wasatch) over Treyson Davis (Wasatch) (Dec 8-2).

120 Champ. Round 1 - Trevor Clyde (Wasatch) over John Mora (South Summit) (MD 13-5). Quarterfinals - Trevor Clyde (Wasatch) over James Castillo (Layton) (Fall 1:18). Semifinals - Mitchel Slack (Wasatch) over Trevor Clyde (Wasatch) (Dec 8-4). 3rd Place Match - Trevor Clyde (Wasatch) over Jaron Priest (Layton) (Fall 2:50).

120 Champ. Round 1 - Treyson Davis (Wasatch) over Dane Hyer (Layton) (Fall 0:24). Quarterfinals - Treyson Davis (Wasatch) over Hunter Atkinson (South Summit) (Fall 1:36). Semifinals - Treyson Davis (Wasatch) over Jaron Priest (Layton) (Fall 4:19). 1st Place Match - Mitchel Slack (Wasatch) over Treyson Davis (Wasatch) (Dec 8-2).

120 Champ. Round 1 - Jaron Priest (Layton) over Alex Vernon (Wasatch) (Dec 9-2). Cons. Round 1 - Alex Vernon (Wasatch) received a bye. Cons. Round 2 - James Castillo (Layton) over Alex Vernon (Wasatch) (Fall 3:43).

126 Champ. Round 1 - Nick Lazerus (Wasatch) received a bye. Quarterfinals - Wyatt Hone (Payson) over Nick Lazerus (Wasatch) (Fall 6:00). Cons. Round 2 - Nick Lazerus (Wasatch) over Ethan Penrod (Payson) (Dec 5-2). Cons. Semis - Trey Hiatt (Payson) over Nick Lazerus (Wasatch) (MD 9-0).

126 Champ. Round 1 - Sammy Heywood (Wasatch) over Ethan Penrod (Payson) (Fall 4:25).

126 Quarterfinals - Sammy Heywood (Wasatch) over Weston Atkinson (South Summit) (Fall 2:14). Semifinals - Sammy Heywood (Wasatch) over Edgar Gandarilla (South Summit) (Dec 10-4). 1st Place Match - Sammy Heywood (Wasatch) over Jacob Ethridge (Payson) (MD 13-4).

126 Champ. Round 1 - Jacob Ethridge (Payson) over Kyle Austin (Wasatch) (Fall 3:22). Cons. Round 1 - Kyle Austin (Wasatch) over David Sorensen (Westlake) (Dec 7-3). Cons. Round 2 - Kagan Oliver (Westlake) over Kyle Austin (Wasatch) (Fall 0:57).

132 Champ. Round 1 - Stockton O`Brien (Wasatch) over Trent Taylor (Westlake) (Fall 1:35). Quarterfinals - Stockton O`Brien (Wasatch) over Hunter Price (Payson) (Fall 0:51). Semifinals - Stockton O`Brien (Wasatch) over Jorge Sanchez (Payson) (Dec 10-4). 1st Place Match - Stockton O`Brien (Wasatch) over Jed Lee (South Summit) (Fall 0:32).

132 Marcus Geist (Pleasant Grove) over Tim Bonner (Wasatch) (TF 15-0 4:00). Trent Taylor (Westlake) over Tim Bonner (Wasatch) (Fall 2:31).

132 Champ. Round 1 - Kash Lloyd (Wasatch) over Garrett Maxfield (Lyman) (Fall 3:06). Quarterfinals - Jorge Sanchez (Payson) over Kash Lloyd (Wasatch) (Fall 1:27). Cons. Round 2 - Joseph Brandley (Payson) over Kash Lloyd (Wasatch) (Dec 14-12).

138 Zachary West (Westlake) over Noah Dorrough (Wasatch) (Fall 2:51). Noah Dorrough (Wasatch) over Landon Mendenhall (Pleasant Grove) (Fall 4:38). Cons. Round 1 - Noah Dorrough (Wasatch) over Brock Page (Westlake) (Fall 3:50). Cons. Round 2 - Joshua Christensen (Layton) over Noah Dorrough (Wasatch) (TF 16-1 3:12).

138 Champ. Round 1 - Zak Kohler (Wasatch) over Landon Mendenhall (Pleasant Grove) (TF 25-10 2:55). Quarterfinals - Zak Kohler (Wasatch) over Jared Voorhees (Layton) (Fall 2:00). Semifinals - Zak Kohler (Wasatch) over McCall Rose (South Summit) (Fall 2:45). 1st Place Match - Zak Kohler (Wasatch) over Brock Loveless (Payson) (TF 23-8 5:31).

145 Marshall Job (Wasatch) over Judson Tolman (Pleasant Grove) (Fall 1:53). Champ. Round 1 - Bo Bushell (South Summit) over Marshall Job (Wasatch) (Dec 14-7)Cons. Round 1 - Marshall Job (Wasatch) over Landen Nix (Pleasant Grove) (Fall 3:19). Cons. Round 2 - Marshall Job (Wasatch) over Will Curtis (Pleasant Grove) (Fall 1:46). Cons. Semis - Marshall Job (Wasatch) over Brenden Martin (Lyman) (Fall 5:18). 5th Place Match - Keegan Neuwirth (Pleasant Grove) over Marshall Job (Wasatch) (Fall 3:39).

152 Brock Lloyd (Wasatch) over Tanner Clem (Layton) (Dec 2-0). Champ. Round 1 - Brock Lloyd (Wasatch) over Ian Cardenas (Lehi) (MD 11-1). Champ. Round 1 - Tucker Naccarato (Payson) over Brock Lloyd (Wasatch) (Fall 0:00). Quarterfinals - Brock Lloyd (Wasatch) over Gabriel Stastny (Westlake) (MD 11-2). Semifinals - Tucker Naccarato (Payson) over Brock Lloyd (Wasatch) (Dec 4-0). 3rd Place Match - Jordan Roper (Payson) over Brock Lloyd (Wasatch) (Dec 8-6).

160 Champ. Round 1 - Zayne Foy (Wasatch) over Matthew Smith (Pleasant Grove) (Dec 16-9). Quarterfinals - Porter Chamberlain (Wasatch) over Zayne Foy (Wasatch) (TF 16-0 4:00). Cons. Round 2 - Zayne Foy (Wasatch) over Brandon Hicks (Lyman) (Fall 0:52). Cons. Semis - Braxton Monroe (Payson) over Zayne Foy (Wasatch) (Dec 8-5).

160 Champ. Round 1 - Porter Chamberlain (Wasatch) over Brice Clegg (South Summit) (Fall 2:49). Quarterfinals - Porter Chamberlain (Wasatch) over Zayne Foy (Wasatch) (TF 16-0 4:00)Semifinals - Porter Chamberlain (Wasatch) over Jaidon Tueller (Payson) (Fall 2:34). 1st Place Match - Porter Chamberlain (Wasatch) over Cole Faust (Layton) (Dec 6-3)

170 Champ. Round 1 - Seth Gardner (Wasatch) over Yijath Torbay (Westlake) (Fall 0:51). Quarterfinals - Seth Gardner (Wasatch) over Brendon Earl (Payson) (Fall 1:38). Semifinals - Seth Gardner (Wasatch) over Ethan Shunn (Westlake) (Fall 1:15). 1st Place Match - Seth Gardner (Wasatch) over Tyson Carter (Payson) (Dec 7-4).

170 Champ. Round 1 - Logan Kennard (Wasatch) over Marcello Platt (Westlake) (Fall 2:54)Quarterfinals - Tyson Carter (Payson) over Logan Kennard (Wasatch) (Fall 1:13). Cons. Round 2 - Yijath Torbay (Westlake) over Logan Kennard (Wasatch) (For.)

182 Champ. Round 1 - Weston Epperson (Wasatch) over Casey Montoya (Westlake) (Fall 1:46). Quarterfinals - Weston Epperson (Wasatch) over Xander Lindsey (South Summit) (Fall 2:36). Semifinals - Wyatt Monroe (Payson) over Weston Epperson (Wasatch) (Fall 1:47). 3rd Place Match - Weston Epperson (Wasatch) over Trevor Guzman (Payson) (Dec 9-2).

220 Champ. Round 1 - Wylder Smith (Wasatch) received a bye. Quarterfinals - Wylder Smith (Wasatch) over Chase Munzi (Payson) (Fall 1:27). Semifinals - Wylder Smith (Wasatch) over Cameron Black (Lehi) (Fall 3:42). 1st Place Match - Jon Hunt (Layton) over Wylder Smith (Wasatch) (Dec 5-0).

285 Champ. Round 1 - Justin Swainston (Wasatch) received a bye. Quarterfinals - Sam Carson (Pleasant Grove) over Justin Swainston (Wasatch) (Fall 4:48).Cons. Round 2 - Justin Swainston (Wasatch) received a bye. Cons. Semis - McCoy Cook (Payson) over Justin Swainston (Wasatch) (Fall 3:45)

285 Champ. Round 1 - Robert Schick (Wasatch) received a bye. Quarterfinals - Robert Schick (Wasatch) over McCoy Cook (Payson) (MD 11-3). Semifinals - Robert Schick (Wasatch) over Sam Carson (Pleasant Grove) (Fall 4:24). 1st Place Match - Porter Fox (South Summit) over Robert Schick (Wasatch) (Dec 8-3).

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